2015 Audi A3 Preview and Review

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The Audi A3 is finally back – and it’s bigger than ever! 2015 brings us a fresh new format – the Sedan. In fact, there will be 5 different variations of the new Audi A3 as the model rolls out:

– Audi A3 Sedan with 1.8T front-wheel drive (170hp)
– Audi A3 Sedan with 2.0T quattro all-wheel drive (220hp)
– Audi A3 Sedan with 2.0T TDI clean-diesel engine
– Audi A3 Convertible
– Audi A3 Sportback (Hatchback) with etron plug-in hybrid system

Oh, and did I mention there will be an S3 sedan? 🙂

What’s incredible about the A3 is that it packs all of the possibility of the flagship Audi A8 and the tech-wizard Audi A6.

Noteworthy is the next-gen Audi Connect system that connects the A3 to the internet via a T-mobile SIM card at up to 4G LTE speed. Trial subscription is 6 months, then pay-as-you-go.

With the Nav and other vehicle systems online, you get so much more capability than before. For example, let’s say you know the name of a restaurant that you’re going to, but not the address. Usually you would whip out your phone and do a search – now you can let your A3 do the searching. How about reading the reviews about that restaurant? Yes, the A3 can do that. Check the weather? Yep. Fuel Prices? Uh-huh. City Events? Check.

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